Pipe clip-管道附件(管夹)
Cold starting device-冷起动装置
Quick Connector-快速接头
Hose assembly-胶管总成
Manifold Manifold-油路集成块
Hydraulic pump station-液压泵站
Hydraulic Motor-液压马达
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  Yancheng Sheng Xinyuan Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., located in known as "fish rice, fireworks, acrobatics," and the Yellow Sea, Jiangsu Province, Jianhu City. East of Yancheng airport, Jin Bang 204 national highway and new long railway, strategic location, transportation is very convenient.
  The company has strong technical strength, strict and efficient management system. The main products are a full range of quick coupling and rotating joints, a variety of standard and pressure levels of forged pipe fittings, flanges and hydraulic fittings, gear, fork top, all the standard high and low pressure hose assembly, a variety of mechanical special control handle, a level, spirit level, and the flame preheating starting device, manually assisted lifting devices, electric ether spray starter. The products are widely used in metallurgy, machinery, chemicals, petroleum, machine tools, shipbuilding and other industries.
    The company equipment is advanced, sophisticated technology, detection means complete. Company with excellent product quality, perfect service and reasonable prices to win support for the trust to carry out ISO9001: 2000 quality management standards and continuously improve product quality and enterprise management. Customer focus, customer satisfaction, warmly welcome new and old customers and friends visit our factory.
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